We hope you were pleased to find your new PSO calendar in your mailbox. Each summer we create this calendar to help you plan your family's upcoming school year. Your PSO calendar includes the overall school schedule, vacations and holidays. In addition, we list each school’s special activities and events. We note school-specific faculty listings as well as superintendent and business office contacts. We highlight the projects and programs the PSO supports and include a listing of our PSO representatives.

The PSO is a non-profit organization comprised of all parents of Cohasset public school students. The PSO works to maximize the educational experience of your student. We fund programs and projects that enrich and enhance the curriculum. We connect the school community by coordinating volunteer efforts and facilitating special events which improve the learning experience and environment for your children.

Each Cohasset school has its own PSO board to focus on the specific needs and interests of that school. Additionally, the PSO has a President's Council. The President's Council is comprised of executive council officers, PSO presidents from each school and various committee chairpersons. The purpose of the President's Council is to provide a forum for sharing information and resources among all Cohasset schools and to promote school-wide initiatives. It is our hope, with this structure, that the needs of each individual school and student body are well served while facilitating communication among all schools and with the administration. We look to you to help. We value your input and suggestions and we welcome all volunteers. So far, we have planned three fundraisers this school year to fund PSO programs: a coupon book sale, Original Works Artwork gift drive, and our annual Read-a-thon. Your support is critical to the success of the PSO – we greatly appreciate your contributions and participation. We could not do it without you!

We encourage you to raise your hand and participate in the PSO! As a parent body, the PSO welcomes your involvement and assistance in promoting strong school, home and community ties. Together, we can achieve our highest educational goals.

I hope you will attend your school's monthly PSO meeting where you'll hear what's going on directly from your child's principal. You'll learn more about the PSO, as well. PSO meeting dates are listed in your calendar. For more information or to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me or your school PSO representatives as listed in the PSO calendar.

Best wishes for a wonderful school year!






Raise your hand to maximize our students' education experience






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